Drywall and Metal Stud Contractors Rome Georgia

Drywall and Metal Stud Contractors Rome Georgia

Who We Are

Specialty Commercial Contractors, LLC, located in Rome, GA, is a Subcontractor specializing in the areas of metal stud framing, drywall, acoustical ceilings and insulation. We also install FRP, door frames, doors, hardware as well as some selective demolition.

Where We Serve

Specialty Commercial Contractors travels most of the Southeastern United States to work in. We predominately are active in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

What We Do


There are a variety of drywall types, sizes, and finishes available for the multiple needs in the commercial setting. They range from the standard non rated drywall for walls and ceilings, to fire rated drywall, impact resistant drywall, moisture resistant, sound board and many others depending on the area or need.

Metal Stud Framing

Commercial drywall using light weight metal stud framing as the primary material. Metal studs have several distinct advantages over wooden studs. They are lightweight, cleaner (no sawdust when cutting), easily moved if need be since they are attached with fasteners instead of nails.